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Watersino is a sanitary ware factory located in Jiangmen China. The product quality is in medium and high end. selling center and showroom is in Huangpu, Guangzhou. Founded in 2005,Watersino has been manufacturing tapware, and bathroom accessories. The products have been accepted by customers from over 100 countries and areas. Watersino thinks highly of its quality control. All the products will be water tested and quality check before leaving the factory. With more needs for surface treatments coming up in the market, Watersino can also meet the nee ds by providing high quality surface finishes. Besides chrome and matte black, we also provide brushed rose gold and brushed gun metal etc. The craftmanships we usually apply are PVD (physical vapour deposition) and electroplated. By using famous brands as components for its tapware and showers, Watersino has got many of its products certified to different countries. Like UPC for north America, Watermark and Wels for Australia and New Zealand, CE for Europe, WRAS for United Kingdom. There are about 500 models of its products are Watermark approved, and UPC, CE and Wras each has more than 100 models. Because we use better quality of its raw material and accessories, Watersino guarantee to offer 15 years warranty for the raw material and 7 years for the whole products.


Watersino has skillful technicians with 10 years experience. 
The precision casting makes our products one-step moulded. It's eco-friendly and durable.We guarantee that the casting parts are free from defects.
Watersino has been built based on advanced equipment and precision inspection instruments.
Made under sophisticated facilities and tools,our products have also been carefully polished and plated.
Workers in assembling apartment are over 5 years experience to Watersino knows that well packed products can attract more consumers and improve our clients' enterprise image. 
OEM packing is also welcome and we can offer advise with our rich experience.guarantee efficiency and infallible installed.
We have accurate status of water flow performance under different pressure.



2018-2019 Increased CUPC and WRAS certifications.

2017-2018 Developed new range 79 .

2015-2016 Added 500 hundred product into the certifications of Watermark Wels, and CE .

2013-2014 Approval of the Australian Watermark and Wels certification, and developed lots of new designs.

2012 Approval of the ISO 9001 quality standard.

2010-2011 Developed and produce stainless steel 304 sanitary wares.

2009  Set up the Guangzhou showroom, with 2,000m2 .

2007-2008 Built the bathroom shower faucets / accessories production line, started to produce related bathroom items.

2005-2006 Set up the factory in Jiangmen, started to produce the brass basin / kitchen faucets.

2004 Founded as an engineering company in Guangzhou.